The Art of Joshua Otero

​  Joshua Otero started drawing at the age of seven drawing from the cartoons he saw on television. Over time he started to develop his own set of characters and little stories in his head dreaming of becoming an animator.

Every spare moment he had he devoted to drawing and coloring. Around elementary school he started to get into comics along side his brother. Seeing this talent sparked his father into bringing his boys to Image Comics Studios in Anaheim, California.

Shortly after moving to Florida with his Father and Brother, in High School he found himself fascinated with the world of Japanese Manga and Anime.

For a while he flooded himself with the anime style as well as cartoons and animation, which he rediscovered just as he got accepted into Ringling College of Art & Design.
After four years of study majoring in Illustration he rediscovered during his time there his yearning for cartoons and animation.

Currently he works as a freelance illustrator while honing his other passion for animation to become one of the best character designer in the world.

Illustrator & Designer: Joshua Otero